Dr. Bluestein's Story

The Beginning

A lifelong proponent of healthy living, I spent most of my childhood in the dance studio. My passion and involvement in dance and physical activity continued even with the demands of college, medical school and residency. In 2009, I had an accident that resulted in significant changes to essentially every aspect of my life, and made it nearly impossible for me to do most of the activities I loved.

Looking for Help

In search for answers, I went to physicians with multiple backgrounds: pain management, orthopedics, rheumatology, sports medicine and more. Few of these physicians knew much of anything about Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes, or hypermobility disorders in general. As a result, I was treated with short-term solutions that often left me worse than before, with little attention paid to long-term, sustainable treatments. I never imagined that finding comprehensive pain care, especially for hypermobility disorders, would be so difficult.

Taking Action 

However, I was not going to give up without a fight. As a physician, I aggressively researched hypermobility disorders and state-of-the-art pain treatments. I also joined support groups, community outreach organizations, and physician associations, where I met courageous people from across the country struggling with chronic pain, and other physicians working to provide desperately-needed pain care.

Helping Others 

In 2017, I combined my love for healthy living, my medical expertise, and community involvement to open Wisconsin Integrative Pain Specialists. My personal experience with the limitations of traditional medicine motivates me every day to provide patients with caring, integrative treatment. The same principles I apply to my patients have helped me to regain my own functionality; by following a special pain diet, effective supplementation, and treating the psychological aspects of pain, I can return to the things that make me happy, whether that be hiking with my family, going out with friends, or teaching a Zumba class!

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Dr. Bluestein's approach is helpful for anyone suffering from chronic or persistent pain by thoroughly assessing each person's unique challenges and tailoring the intervention to meet the specific needs of each individual. 

Tel: 715-600-1722
4203 Schofield Avenue, Suite 2
Weston, WI 54476
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